Setting up Raspberry Pi for UI Development

This post is a followup to my previous post on using raspberry pi 4 as a daily driver or secondary development PC–YO . In this post, we will be setting up node.js and visual studio code on raspberry pi 4 for UI development. Overclocking I feel that without overclocking, the raspberry pi 4 is slow for … Read more

Setting up Raspberry Pi for Spring boot development

You may want a secondary development machine or you may only have a Raspberry pi for development, either way I want to say that it is very much possible to use Raspberry pi for java and spring boot development. This is a followup to my previous post–YO . Overclock These overclock settings are for raspberry pi … Read more

Minimal setup for a modest daily driver Raspberry Pi based development PC

During the pandemic lockdown I had a few unfortunate instances where my mac book charger died on me and then the a couple of keyboard keys got stuck, adding to this, online purchases and delivery was not available at the time. I had to look for an alternative for my development activities and as a … Read more