Firebase and Spring Boot Based Role Management and Authorization

In the previous post we configured spring boot security with firebase to seamlessly authenticate rest api ( ) . In this post, we will restrict access to resources based on firebase roles. We are going to utilise firebase’s claims object inside UserRecord class to store roles, which is its actual purpose as per firebase documentation. To … Read more

Setting up Raspberry Pi for Spring boot development

You may want a secondary development machine or you may only have a Raspberry pi for development, either way I want to say that it is very much possible to use Raspberry pi for java and spring boot development. This is a followup to my previous post–YO . Overclock These overclock settings are for raspberry pi … Read more

Managing complex application properties with Spring Boot

Spring boot supports dynamic configurations through application properties. A fluid and configurable application is easier to manage in production owing to changing needs, where otherwise a wait till another deployment can be avoided. let us explore some of the complex ways to pass and consume configuration properties through spring boot. @Value Annotation : To consume … Read more

Spring Boot and DigitalOcean Spaces for File Storage

Digital Ocean Spaces is an object storage solution and one of the cheapest out there right now. Integration for various languages is supported through API’s and AWS SDKs. In this post we will try integrating DigitalOcean Spaces with Spring Boot using AWS SDK with a practical demo UI built with Nextjs. I have come to … Read more

Firebase with Spring Boot Kubernetes Deployment configuration

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Firebase setup with spring boot is pretty straight forward and so is configuring it for kubernetes. Do check out my previous post on firebase for spring boot setup In local development environment placing firebase service account file somewhere on file system and mapping it to environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS is sufficient to get it working. Doing … Read more